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The Panmure Business Association (PBA) is a not for profit organisation registered as an incorporated society under the Incorporated Societies Act. 

Our business association has a long history. Originally called the Panmure Commercial Association, it was founded as a voluntary organisation in 1952. In 2011, the PBA became a Business Improvement District (BID). 

The PBA promotes and supports over 200 businesses and commercial property owners. We represent our businesses as a collective voice and advocate for them. Throughout the year, we also focus on bringing activities and events to Panmure to support a thriving business community. 

The Panmure Business Association operates under a Constitution. During the Annual General Meeting, usually held the first Monday of October, the PBA Executive Committee (also known as 'The Board') is elected. They are responsible for the governance and strategic direction of the PBA and its BID program. The BID Programme is funded by a BID Targeted Rate Grant


Link to view PBA Constitution

Link to view PBA Executive Committee Charter 2023/2024

Link to view BID Policy 2022 

PBA Office

16 Clifton Court, Panmure

PBA Office.jpg

Queen's Road

What is a Business Improvement District (BID) Programme?

BID Programmes provide a mechanism and a relationship between the Panmure Business Association and Auckland Council. 
The Business Improvement Districts (BID) programme currently operates in 51 areas within Auckland. In these commercial areas, local businesses and property owners have agreed to work together to provide value to the collective business community by delivering a suite of economic activities. 
Find the PBA's projects here
Auckland Council supports Business Associations operating BID programmes as set out in Auckland Council's BID Policy 2022. Find more information about the BID Programme here.

The BID Targeted Rate Process

Auckland Council supports business associations by applying the BID targeted rate. This is collected directly from the ratepayer/property owner, or indirectly, by the business owner/tenant located within the BID Boundary area
The BID targeted rate is calculated as a percentage on the capital value of the commercial rated properties located within the BID boundary area
The PBA are provided these funds quarterly as a BID Targeted Rate Grant. These are used for projects to help economic growth for the Panmure BID.  See below for a map of Panmure's BID area. 

Our BID Boundary: 

The Panmure Business Association supports and Promotes local businesses within this defined BID area. Panmure is one of 51 Business Improvement Districts within Auckland.
Read more about the Business Improvement District Program here

About Membership

If your business is located within our BID area, you are eligible to join the PBA. 

Below is a link to our Business Information Pack. This includes our member form, an explanation of the application approval process and all the extra information you'll need as a member of the Panmure Business Association. 


Services Offered




  • We liaise with local community groups and local projects, the Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board, Auckland Council and other local government organisations (CCO’s).

  • We keep businesses up-to-date with any developments that will impact the Tamaki area into the future such as the AMETI Eastern Busway, Tāmaki  Regeneration Company and Eke Panuku Development's Unlock Panmure.



  • Panmure Community Newsletter (February – December)

  • Panmure Business Directory (paper and online) 

  • Featuring business cluster advertising on the A0 sized display signs on Queens Road and the community noticeboard.

  • Organise business information and networking opportunities

  • Google my Business listing creation and updating

  • Business surveys

  • Business workshops



  • Tastes of Panmure (usually the month of June)


  • Panmure Christmas Party (2nd Saturday of December)

  • Panmure Basin Fun Day (Feb/Mar) supporting role only

Safety and Security Assistance

  • The role of the Panmure Security Liaison Officer is to promote a safe environment for both businesses and customers. He reports repairs and maintenance issues within Panmure Town Centre, and assists businesses with any criminal incidents.  The PBA captures information from the CCTV camera network to pass onto the relevant agency.

  • The PBA owns an extensive CCTV security cameras network resulting in the reduction of anti-social behaviour and criminal incidents in the Town Centre. We work with and support the local NZ Policing team.

  • The PBA owns and maintains an extensive LED ‘Under Veranda Lighting Network’ that lights the Town Centre each evening.

  • A number of the Town Centre trees have had decorative lighting installed which creates a positive ambiance within the Town Centre.

  • Service lanes are cleaned up yearly by the PBA.

Marketing Support & Guidance

Business Development Advice


Networking Events

& Meetings

Access to a community of innovative Individuals 

On Going Support & Relevant 


Want to talk about membership?

If your business is located within the BID area, you are eligible to join the PBA.
Send a message to get more info!

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The PBA Executive Committee

The Executive Committee (Board) meet on a Tuesday at 4pm, every 6 weeks. These meetings are held at the Auckland Montessori College, located on 18 Pilkington Road, Panmure. There are no meetings held in December or January. 

The next meeting will be held on Tuesday 25th June 2024. 

Members interested in attending a meeting are welcome to join! Please give advanced notice of attendance here. 


Members are also invited to attend our 2024 AGM. See our PBA AGM, Annual Reports & Strategic Plans.

PBA Team

The PBA Team

Dani cut.jpg
T cut out.jpg
Katie cut.jpg
DSC_0018 copy.jpg

Town Manager  

Elaine Soakai

Finance & Operations Manager 

Dannielle Carter 

Security Liaison Officer 

Taniela Kaivelata  

or call 027 53 53 017

Communications Coordinator 

Katie Chan 

Social Media Assistant 

Debbie Luton

The PBA Executive Committee

IMG_1065edited V1.jpg
Steven (3).jpg
Adrienne Hudson.jpg
Kate Cumberpatch Cutout.jpg


Sharon Alderson

The Cafe...with no name


Steven Arnold

Peace Experiment School

Board Member

Adrienne Hudson

Panmure Library

Board Member

Kate Cumberpatch

Eke Panuku Development

Board Member

Nerissa Henry

Representative from

Maungakiekie-Tamaki Local Board

Don Wang (3).jpg
Alex George (3).jpg
Brian McDonald Cutout.jpg
Marty Van Der Burg Cutout.jpg

Board Member

Don Wang


Board Member

Alex George 

Peach's Hot Chicken

Board Member

Brian McDonald

McDonald Trading

Board Member

Marty Van Der Burg

Marty Van Der Burg Builders Ltd 

Strategy Report

PBA AGM, Annual Reports & Strategic Plan

Panmure Business Association: Key Documents 

Panmure Constitution

Board Charter 2023-2024

PBA Strategic Plan 2021 – 2024

Members are welcome to contact our Town Manager for any inquiries or information relating to; BID Programme activities or any Executive Committee meetings, minutes and documents. 

Documents can be made available in different languages, just get in touch here.  

Panmure Business Association AGM 2024

Details of the 2024 Annual General Meeting of the Panmure Business Association are yet to be confirmed.


For those interested in becoming an Executive Committee member for 2024/2025 please find a nomination form and information here. Completed nomination forms must be returned by Friday 27th September 2024. 

Panmure Business Association AGM 2 October 2023

The 2023 Annual General Meeting of the Panmure Business Association was held in-person on Monday 2nd October at Peace Experiment, 18 Pilkington Road, Panmure. AGM commenced at 7pm.  

As per our updated Constitution, adopted at our SGM held 1 May 2023, members had the opportunity to join us online.


View our BID programme documents as approved at the AGM, including:



Final Minutes 2022 AGM

Draft Minutes 2023 AGM

Reports - Chair & Town Manager

Report - Treasurer

Report - Accountant

Financial Statement with auditor's report 

Budget 2024/2025

Business Plan 2024/2025

Please get in touch here with any questions or suggestions.


Click the link to view our current strategic plan, business plan and budget as approved at the last AGM. 

Panmure Business Association: Revised Board Charter 2023

The Executive Committee adopted an updated Board Charter at their June 20th meeting. Find a copy below: 

Revised Board Charter 2022-2023

Panmure Business Association SGM 1 May 2023

The Panmure Business Association held a Special General Meeting on Monday 1st May 2023. Read about the changes below: 

Draft Minutes of the 2023 SGM

SGM Agenda 2023

Amended Panmure Constitution

Current Constitution

Panmure BID Constitution Amendments



We'd love to hear from you, please send us a message:

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OFFICE HRS: Mon-Fri, 8am-4:30pm 

TEL: (09) 527 63 89     


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