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Panmure's Projects

roller door

Roller Door Project

Hesari 8.jpg

For a long time, members of the Panmure Business Association’s Board have wanted to enliven Panmure’s roller doors, as they make the Town Centre look a little sad when businesses lock up.

With funding from Auckland Transport, we had a fantastic opportunity to add artwork to fifteen roller doors along Queens Rd. An expression of interest went out to the arts community and three artists were chosen. Roller doors are not easy to paint with detail, so each design needed to be simple.


We are thrilled to have now completed three doors, and we thank the owners of Hesari Bakery, Willow Hair Design and Blossom Court for being so patient with the process.


Hesari’s design was created by artist John Dempsey whose artwork recognises the significance of Maungarei, the Panmure Basin and the Tāmaki River.


Willow Hair’s was created by Leone Ikinepule, a Samoan artist with a strong sense of Tāmaki community and culture. Her design of a Pacifica girl wearing a hibiscus flower head piece fitted beautifully with the roller door being on a hair studio.


Blossom Court’s design was created by Jia Luo, whose design “Tāmaki Blossoms” reflects the meeting of two cultures represented by the pohutukawa flower for New Zealand and the peony for China.


Preparation for installations on more roller doors is currently underway as well as an installation by Ngati Paoa iwi affiliated artists around the middle of the Town on the ShoeZone doors and around the Historic Mural alleyway.

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Fairy Lighting Project

We are thrilled with how pretty and inviting the new verandah fringe lights look in the Town Centre. These lights have made a huge difference to the ambience and how the Town Centre feels in the evening. They highlight the featured restaurants and make them easier to find.

The PBA wanted to reach out and thank the restaurants for all the hard work they have done with their fit-outs (Peach’s Hot Chicken and Queens Kebabs), with their renovations (Ambula, Spiceland Restaurant and Kalye Manila) and their big clean up (Super Horse Takeaway). We were more than happy to cover not only the cost of verandah fringe lights but also their installation, at no cost to the business. The cost of the power and future maintenance is also covered by the Panmure Business Association.


It’s no surprise that all the restaurants so far have been very happy with this project and are delighted with the results, with them all sharing positive feedback from the general public.   We have also worked on the addition of fairy lights to the trees throughout the Town Centre, which add a wonderful ambience when passing through.


If you are a restaurant in Panmure and would like lights outside your premises, please phone Town Manager Elaine on 021 962 491. Members of the PBA Board hope that once all the under-veranda lights have been changed over to LED as well as a new installation of LED lights from 141 – 161 Queens Rd, that these verandah fringe lights can be rolled out right through our Town Centre.

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Sign Replacement Project

New signs improve the look and feel of the Town Centre therefore the Panmure Business Association  have been approaching businesses to assist them in an upgrade of their existing signs.  We have been able to assist financially if the cost of the new sign was a barrier.

If you are a Panmure Business Association member and your sign needs replacing, please contact us for more information.

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